The all-new Lexus LBX: luxury with a contemporary twist

No compromise in quality and refinement for Lexus’s all-new compact crossover

The all-new Lexus LBX: luxury with a contemporary twist

  • Interior design and finish evoke the “class above” feel of larger, more expensive models
  • “Premium casual” feel in tune with contemporary tastes for a less formal approach to luxury
  • First vehicle deliveries to UK customers now under way
  • Lexus LBX online vehicle configurator allows customers to explore their personalised vehicle specification inside and out with a virtual, 360-degree view

With deliveries of the all-new LBX under way, customers are experiencing first-hand the high level of Lexus luxury in the brand’s most compact model yet.

From the appealing, contemporary lines of the car’s “Resolute Look” exterior to the design, comfort and appointments of the interior, the LBX communicates a “class above” quality – the kind you would expect from a larger, more expensive higher segment model.

At the same time, there’s a lighter, less formal touch to the car, a “premium casual” feel that reflects modern tastes for high quality with a more relaxed approach. Think of top designer trainers and the crossover between fashion and performance sportswear. It’s a direction that will give the LBX wide appeal, including connecting with a new, younger and style-conscious audience, reinterpreting traditional Lexus craftsmanship and quality in a modern idiom.

There’s also greater choice than ever before, in line with Lexus’s commitment to making luxury personal. The grade and option choices focus on style and sensory appeal, each evoking a different character – refined, dynamic or sporty – through colourways and finish and feel of upholsteries and trims. In tune with today’s environmental priorities, you can specify a vegan-friendly leather-free interior as an alternative to tactile Ultrasuede or exclusive L-aniline leather, a material that until now has been exclusive to Lexus flagship LS limousine.

The LBX may be compact in size, but this in no way diminishes the comfort and sense of confidence and control the driver feels behind the wheel – the defining elements of the Lexus Driving Signature that’s prioritised in every new Lexus. The driver enjoys a commanding view, characteristic of an SUV, with a low-set instrument panel and wide windscreen, but at the same time, the seating position has the comfort and connected quality of a hatchback or saloon.

Lexus’s Tazuna concept for driver’s cockpit design ensures controls and information sources can be used with minimum movement of hand and eye, so focus is maintained on the road ahead. Steering wheel shape and angle and the position of the pedals have been precisely determined, while the 12.3-inch fully digital instrument display can be customised in both appearance and content to suit the driver’s preference or priorities for the journey.  A head-up display is also available, for even safer and more comfortable driving.

A smooth and intuitive user experience is also provided by the Lexus Link Connect multimedia system, operated via a central 9.8-inch touchscreen or a voice control system that’s able to respond to requests in more conversational style. The attention to detail includes providing easy-operation physical switches for the audio and air conditioning.

For the front seat passenger there’s a sense of being warmly cocooned with the instrument panel design flowing into the doors to create a wrap-around effect. Soft-touch materials add to the comfort, including padded sides to the centre console. The influence of Lexus’s takumi craftsmanship and traditional Japanese aesthetics are also evident in the new charcoal-finish Tsuyasumi trim inlays and in the tatami-style upholstery stitching option.

The LBX range offers a wealth of prestige features. For example, the intelligent Lexus Climate Concierge constantly optimises heating and ventilation sources for each occupant, while a 13-speaker Mark Levinson premium audio system is available, designed specifically for the LBX’s interior architecture. A power back door is also available, giving easy access to a well-proportioned load space with room enough to stow two 75-litre suitcases beneath the tonneau cover.

Prospective customers can enjoy a sense of the LBX’s quality using Lexus’s online car configurator tool at This lets you specify your vehicle down to the choice of colours, trims and interior features.

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